Pool Safety for Pets

It’s not just children that are attracted to a pool animals are too. Many dogs and other pets can be good swimmers but they too should also be watched when they are near a pool for their safety. Some small dogs may not be such good swimmers as compared to others like Golden Retrievers and other breeds. In the winter months when the pool water becomes particularly cold animals can get into trouble quickly in freezing conditions if they were to fall into a pool.

One thing to keep in mind is not just the safety of an animal but the cleanness of a pool is compromised when a pet goes in to one. Even if it is just for fun while a pet swims pets are not good for the pool water quality. One dog in a pool is the equivalent to ten humans. The dog’s coat soaks up all the chemicals within a pool and causes the chlorine level to dissipate quickly causing for un sanitary water conditions. Also, the buildup of pet hair within the filters can cause issues too.

Some points to consider when you have a pet is to keep the pool area secure possibly fenced when possible. Purchase pet pool safety products like in the video below to help a pet get out of the pool as they can’t always exit from steps or shallow areas. Don’t leave toys in a pool that might attract them to it. Don’t leave a pet unattended near a pool as it only takes seconds for them to get into trouble.

Aqua Pearl Pools likes seeing customers pets on our routes each week. Let’s keep Fido and Fluffy safe!